ALERT: Schneider Electric Announces First-of-Its-Kind Offsite Renewable Energy RFI

November 13, 2017 Jenna Bieller

ALERT: Schneider Electric Announces First-of-Its-Kind Offsite Renewable Energy RFI

ALERT—Schneider Electric has announced the release of a first-of-its-kind, comprehensive, offsite renewable energy RFI (request for information) for commercial and industrial (C&I) customers in North America.

The RFI will allow Schneider Electric’s Energy & Sustainability Services (ESS) division to receive and warehouse the most up-to-date project and pricing information on behalf of its C&I clients while enabling developers to position their projects in future ESS client RFP solicitations for large-scale wind and solar power purchase agreements (PPAs).

Through the renewable energy RFI, ESS seeks to fully understand the North American energy landscape in order to meet the demands of its C&I customers, while simultaneously using the RFI to provide feedback to developers regarding the needs of these buyers.  “Never before has a commercial or industrial buyer or group of buyers been able to get a fully comprehensive North American snapshot of active project offers,” said John Powers, Vice President of Strategic Renewables for Schneider Electric.

ESS has advised on more global corporate renewable energy purchases than any other consultant worldwide, with over 2.3 GW of signed advised deals and some 2.5 GW more in active process.  In total, ESS represents more than 30,000 MW of energy load and connection to over 500,000 C&I facilities’ energy data.  “The purchasing power and geographic diversity of the ESS client base will ensure a high level of developer participation in the RFI,” said John Hoekstra, Vice President of Sustainability & Clean Tech Services for Schneider Electric.  “We anticipate it will become the most inclusive project database of its kind.”

ESS encourages all project developers with planned or active offsite renewable energy projects in North America —regardless of size or geographic location—to participate in the RFI, which will be periodically repeated to maintain the most up-to-date and comprehensive market snapshot available. Participation will allow unparalleled access to the market for these projects and accelerate the way in which C&I end-users continue the megatrend of purchasing renewable energy solutions.  Future iterations of the RFI will include global markets, and developers are encouraged to contact ESS for similar, regional solicitations.

Developers who wish to participate in the North American renewable energy RFI, but who have not previously connected with ESS and executed an NDA, are invited to email

Likewise, developers interested in our European RFI, please get in touch with us by emailing to indicate interest.



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