The Energy Trilemma

May 25, 2016 Allison Schweizer

The Energy Trilemma

The global energy landscape is changing and it’s a seismic shift. Traditional “brown” power — e.g., electricity generated from natural gas, coal or oil — is now just one of many options that suppliers and utilities offer. Say hello to new forms of energy, new technologies. Wind turbines, fuel cells and biomass generators. And bid farewell to the decades-old status quo.

With renewables entering the market en masse, businesses are presented with an opportunity to rethink and redesign their procurement strategy, and take advantage of these innovate, and sometimes cheaper, options. With opportunity always comes a hint of risk, however. How do companies strike the proper balance between energy security, affordability and sustainability of supply? This is what’s known as the “energy trilemma”.

However, the more significant risk is operating in business-as-usual mode. Inaction can quickly lead to losing control over price and missing the chance to capitalize on the breaks that exist in the evolving energy markets.

Learn from our experts on how companies can craft an effective, tailored procurement strategy and take the dilemma out of the trilemma.

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