Not Only Trusted, Award-Winning Too: Resource Advisor

November 30, 2015 meriah.jamieson

Not Only Trusted, Award-Winning Too: Resource Advisor

Energy Manager Today recently presented Schneider Electric with a Top Product of the Year Award for the company’s Resource Advisor software.EMT Badge 11-15

One judge said of Resource Advisor: “Schneider’s Performance Analytics brings context to energy and sustainability information for users at multiple levels in an organization. This system uses core energy data and slices and dices it through its powerful energy intelligence engine recognizing trends and identifying opportunities for energy reduction.”

Resource Advisor’s Performance Analytics module provides a “shop to top floor” view of energy use, which allows facility and operations personnel to analyze and act on this data in a single platform, in near real time. And to build on the analytics module, Energy Performance Services (EPS) gives companies a deeper understanding of how to leverage data to make facilities and assets more efficient. Schneider’s EPS experts use Resource Advisor and other tools to turn numbers into recommended and prioritized improvements.

“Receiving this recognition by a panel of independent judges from a variety of industries is a testament to the robust functionality and capabilities of Resource Advisor and our services,” said Steve Wilhite, senior vice president of Energy and Sustainability Services at Schneider Electric. “We will continue to diligently listen to clients and the marketplace to further enhance our products and services and the ability to meet the needs of our clients.”


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