Global Outlook EXTRA: Rise of Electric Vehicles [Video Blog]

March 28, 2018 Chad Holder

In recent years, the US shale boom, the decoupling of global GDP and carbon emissions, and the emergence of carbon pricing mechanisms have redefined the energy landscape. Now, moving into 2018, another piece of the global energy market looks to make that same leap: electric vehicles.

Electric vehicles (EVs) aren’t new. But, their ability to competethe rise fo electric vehicles with traditional vehicle sales is. EVs are on the verge of redefining energy’s role in transportation as they challenge the economics of internal combustion engine vehicles (ICEVs). Our recent 2018 Global Outlook explored three of these factors – oil prices, tech innovation and regulatory changes.

In our latest video blog, Robbie Fraser and Yann Kulp discuss electric vehicle adoption, where they see innovation, how battery cost will play into EV adoption and the countries driving this emergence.


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