The Value of Sustainability Reporting

June 16, 2016 Lucie Frideling

The Value of Sustainability Reporting

If you don’t tell your sustainability story, someone else will tell it for you

Sustainability reporting has emerged as a common practice for many organizations around the world. Stakeholders from customers, investors and employees are asking businesses for increased transparency. Demand from stakeholders has grown to the point where if a company does not report, they will often find the information they seek on their own, creating a missed opportunity for the company to share the great work they are doing to drive sustainable growth.

To be successful in a sustainability reporting program the right people and support is needed in early stages. Creating a sustainability mindset across an organization is key for future successes. C suite involvement is essential to the success of a sustainability reporting program, as it sends a strong signal across the company that the initiative is important.

Video: Experts discuss the value of sustainability reporting 

Watch the short video below for tips for starting a new sustainability reporting program, including why you should report, who should be involved and the importance of knowing your audience and goals.

Sustainability Video

Want to learn more about sustainability reporting?

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