Sustainability Checks in at Hilton

September 9, 2016 Lucie Frideling

Sustainability Checks in at Hilton

Hilton has interests in close to 4,500 hotels around the world. While every location is unique, each property provides a consistently excellent guest experience. Thanks to a long-running partnership with Schneider Electric, Hilton has been able to utilize calculated, cost-effective solutions to achieve 14.5 percent in energy savings since 2009 and support sustainability all the way from the boardroom to the guest room.

The Global Challenge

Hilton Worldwide is an internationally-recognized hotelier with more than 4,500 locations dotting six continents and nearly every country. Hilton’s 12 hospitality brands cover a range of property types, from full-service resorts to individually owned boutique hotels.

Behind labor, energy is Hilton’s second largest operational cost, equivalent to 5 percent of revenue raised. Resource efficiency matters — not only to Hilton management but also to eco-conscious travelers who judge a hotel by its environmental footprint as much as its amenities.

As part of a scalable sustainability strategy to cut energy costs and polish its guest experience, Hilton sought the expertise of an energy management specialist capable of supporting resource efficiency on multiple fronts.

“Energy is a major cost component for Hilton Worldwide. It’s the second largest, after labor expenses.”

Director of Strategic Sourcing Energy Management, Hilton Worldwide


The Global Solution

At the foundation of Hilton’s relationship with Schneider Electric is Resource Advisor, a cloud-based software platform for tracking energy costs. The modular application is capable of harmonizing energy data for any number of Hilton hotels — from one to 1,000 — and visualizing it in customizable dashboards.

With access to utility spend data in Resource Advisor, consultants from our Energy and Sustainability Services team advise on energy saving opportunities and help Hilton receive optimal utility pricing from suppliers. At the same time, our automated energy billing solutions reduce late payment penalties and resolve invoice discrepancies.

Hilton Perspectives 2

At Hilton sites around the globe, management can deploy Schneider Electric solutions to optimize resource efficiency across each building’s combined assets and systems.

Hilton uses more than just Resource Advisor; our products are deployed throughout their facilities helping to achieve energy savings which amount to around 3 percent per year. From negotiating utility prices for a better balance sheet to timing automated blinds for a sunny wake up call, our solutions help free up energy savings to be reinvested into Hilton’s most important asset — its guest experience.

Key Partnership Facts

  • Hilton Worldwide-Schneider Electric partnership begins in 2008
  • Average 3 percent savings per year through energy procurement support
  • 14.5 percent energy savings since 2009

Read the full case study.



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