Achieving Sustainability Goals in Times of Uncertainty, pt. I

December 14, 2017 Jenna Bieller

Achieving Sustainability Goals in Times of Uncertainty Series

The confluence of recent regulatory and trade restrictions at play in the United States, namely the Suniva solar trade case, proposed power market rule changes, and corporate tax reform, has led to an outcry for support around how commercial and industrial (C&I) energy buyers can maintain momentum towards sustainability and clean energy goals in the face of uncertain regulatory environments.

In response, we’re introducing a new blog series, Achieving Sustainability Goals in Uncertain Times, to answer the pressing questions certain to arise should any of the proposed regulatory or trade legislation come to pass. This series will provide a transparent and trusted source of information specifically tailored to corporate renewable energy and sustainability buyers. Whether you are just beginning your sustainability journey, or are looking to advance your leadership in the face of potential headwinds, we welcome you to engage with us as we navigate together this potential market disruption.

Uncertainty is nothing new to long-time C&I buyers of renewable energy.  From the beginning, the industry has been wrought with market volatility, political ambivalence, and technical barriers. And yet, renewable energy has triumphed, becoming the fastest-growing and most economical source of energy in many multinational markets, making it stronger and more accessible than ever before. But when complex market situations do arise, it is only natural to prepare for change.

How should my strategy pivot in the face of economic or regulatory uncertainty?

What can I do to achieve the goals my company has already publicly committed to?

What tactics should I use to diversify my portfolio and distribute risk?

What global markets should I be considering and what products are available there?

It is these questions, and more, that we will strive to answer as the regulatory situation in the United States plays out. This blog series will update you on the latest news and provide our expert take on how to best respond. As there is greater clarity in the market, we will provide our recommendations and answer your questions to ensure your success despite any market fluctuation.

We invite you to follow this blog series and attend our interactive webinar in January, where you will have the chance to talk directly with our experts about regulatory implications for C&I renewable energy buyers.  We also welcome your questions and invite you to reach out to our team any time.


To continue to blog 2 in the series, Responding to Change, click here.




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